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Ganderi Khattak

Ganderi Khattak is one of the beautiful Village of District Karak KPK Pakistan. Ganderi Khattak is situated in a very central location of tehsil Takht-e-Nasrati, The beautiful Hills (Sheen Gher) and Zarki Nasrati are on the East, Said Ali Banda and Nasratabad on the West ,Takht-e-Nasrati on the North and Alwar and Wagi Banda on South. The main Mianwali (Punjab) and Indus Highway link road is dividing the Village into two Part eastern and western Part Eastern Part is the historical old village and the western part is a new extension of the village and mostly populated by the immigrants of the other parts of Tehsil Takht-e-Nasrati .


According to 2001 voter list there are 1960(round about) registered voters. The ratio of male and female are approximate same.

Educational and Professional Institutes:
1. Govt,High School Ganderi Khattak (Male).
2. Govt,High School Ganderi Khattak (Female).
3. Govt Primary School Ganderi Khattak (Male).
4. Govt Primary School Ganderi Khattak western (Male).
5. Govt Primary School Ganderi Khattak western (Female).
6. Govt Primary School Ganderi Khattak Eastern (Female).
7. Al Noor Public School and College.
8. Handicraft Center.

Religious Institutes:
1. Islami Madrassa (Male).
2. Islami Madrassa (Female).
3. Masjid (Muhammad Afazl Korona).
4. Masjid(Iqleem Khan Korona).
5. Masjid (Mufti Ajmal Khan Korona).
6. Masjid (Muhammad Zalli Korona).
7. Masjid(Sheir Wali Khan Korona).
8. Masjid (N.S.Jehan Anwar Korona).
9. Masjid (Yousaf Khan Korona).
10. Masjid (Bad Shah Gul Korona).
11. Eid Gah.
There is No specific Industry in Ganderi Khattak but some how the following having some role in the socioeconomic life of Ganderi Khattak.
· Honey Production.
· Khafiz Block Industries.
· Haneef Floor Mills.
· Gul Sheir Astos Floor Mills.
· Sheir Wali Khan Poultry form.
· Pebble (بجری).
· Sand  (ريت).
· Construction  Stones.
   Botanical                        Name Local          Name Family
1 Acacia modesta Wall:                                         Palosa                   Mimosaceae
2 Acacia nilotica (Linn.) Delile:                            Kiker                     Mimosaceae
3 Phoenix sylvestris Roxb:                                    Kajoor                   Arecaceae
4 Tamarix articulata Vahl:                                     Ghaz                     Tamaricaceae
5 Zizyphus maurtiana Lam:                                   Bare                       Rhamnaceae
6 Rhazya stricta Dcne.                                           Ganderi                  Apocynaceae
7 Cynodon dactylon (Linn.) Pers.                          Barawa                   Poaceae
8 Launea procumbens (Roxb.)                               Amin Tariza           Asteraceae
9 Medicago polymorpha Linn.                               Karushka                Papilionaceae
10 Peganum harmala Linn.                                     Sponda                  Zygophyllaceae


·         Goat.
·         Sheep.
·         Cow.
·         Camel.
·         Donkey.
·         Chicken.
·         Pigeon.
·         Quails.

· Gram.
· Wheat.
· Bajra.
· Maize.
· Barley.
· Mustard.
There are two Annual festivals.
1. Eid ul Fetr.
2. Eid ul Adha.

· Foot ball.
· Cricket.
· Misakey (The local Sport).

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Religious Scholars of Ganderi Khattak

  1.Molana Akram Khan (Akram Khan Astoze):Akram Khan Astoze is one of the senior most Imam in Ganderi Khattak,He is the ex Imam of Masjid Mufti Ajmal Khan(Mufti Sayeb Jamat).

2.Molana Sadiq Mohmood:Molana Sadiq Mohmood S/O Gulam Rasool is one of the respected religious scholars of Ganderi Khattak, Professionally he is a teacher ,also he is the Hateeb of central Mosqueجامع مسجد) (of Ganderi Khattak.

    3.Molana Muhammad Asif:Molana Muhammad Asif S/O Muhammd Afzal is one of the energetic and self motivated Religious Scholar of Ganderi Khattak,He is graduated from Jama Banori Town Karachi. He is the C.O.O(محتمم)of Madrassa tulbanat  (مدرسۃالبنات)Ganderi Khattak. also he is the Imam and Hateeb of Masjid Upper Ganderi Khattak (Poskali jamat).

    4.Molana Shamsul Qamar:Molana Shamsul Qamar S/O Muhammad Haneef is one of the talented Religious Scholar of Ganderi Khattak,He is working as Religious teacher in Kohat.

    5.Molana Anayat Saleem:Molana Anayat Saleem is the Grand son of our beloved Imam-e-Masjid Muhammad Nawaz astoze (Monawazee Astoze),He is recently Graduated from Darra Pezu Madrassa and working as a teacher in Madrassa-tulbant  (مدرسۃالبنات) Ganderi Khattak.
  6.Molana Mohmood Ali:Molana Mohmood Ali S/O Akbar Khan is one of the most nice and sweet religious scholar of Ganderi Khattak,He is one of the most  devoted and simple person. He is Imam Masjid in a neighbor Village Shoblee Banda.

Da Lawaghar Mushkanee دلواغر مشکني

This is the Cluster of poetry of 10 Famous poets of Lawaghar,Prof.Noor Shah jahan Anwar,Aqleem khan Aqllem,Abdullah shah Shabab,Faizullah Behram khail,Hazer Nawaz Hazer,Habeeb Ullah Kasteer khail,Seraj Muhammad Seraj,Qamar Iqbal Qamar,Saeed Nadem and Akram Ullah Akram.

دلواغر مشکني.Download here